Summer Breeze Barn Venue

1499 N 2170 St

Farina, IL 62838

(located in the old town of St. James, not Farina. Farina is postal assigned location only - not for GPS) 



1743 N 2100 St

St. Elmo, IL 62458

*Please send all mail to office address.*

Primary: 618-322-6330

Office: 618-829-3805



Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 4:00pm


Additional hours vary due to events, availability, and schedule.  Private appointment necessary.  

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Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this list will eliminate some of the questions you might have. If you have any further questions please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Food and Beverages



Can we provide our own drinks?

No - Since we are a wine/bar we do not allow guests to bring in outside drinks. We offer alcohol, sodas, and water. Any outside drinks are prohibited. 


Can we purchase drinks for our guests?

Yes - You can purchase a prepaid package one month before the event.  We have different bar packages you can purchase.

If cash bar is chosen, Cash bar is open from 4:30 to close at 9:30 for wedding events.


What types of drinks do you sell?

Bottled beer, wine by the glass, soda, and mixed drinks*, sangria*.  (*Pending package that you purchase)


Can guest do a bar tab?

No – All drinks will be prepaid.  Credit card and cash.


Can we bring in our own food to the Bridal Cottage for our bridal party?

Yes – You may provide any food you’d like while you get ready for your wedding day.  Alcohol must be purchased through us however.


Can we pick out the flavors of our cupcakes for our all-inclusive package?

Yes – You may pick the flavors of your cupcakes.


Can we change the meal option for our all-inclusive rehearsal dinner?

Yes –Italian food is not required. Must be changed one month prior to dinner


Can we use our own vendors at our event?

Yes – As long as you provide a certificate of liability and food license anyone can cater your event if you have chosen the A La Carte Basic Reception package only or its another type of event. We require you to have proof of insurance for all vendors you use including D.J, decorator, photography(any and all vendors you hire) We are not liable for damages caused to your guest by outside vendors.  They must provide us a copy of their insurance.






If we have an all-inclusive package, do we still have to provide a certificate of liability for our vendors

No – It is not necessary because we know that all of our all-inclusive vendors are insured.  Vendor must send us their insurance policy before you book our venue.  We do not accept vendors showing up to the event without our prior consent.  We will need a full list of all your vendors upon booking your event. All vendors must be approved. Please discuss your vendors with us.




Wedding Ceremony Details



Do you provide set up and clean up?

Yes – We provide both set up and clean up.


Do you set up chairs for the wedding ceremony?
Yes – We will provide the chairs and set them up for you.


What if it rains?

We will have to move your ceremony inside or pre arranged local church.  Time will need to allowed to switch back to reception.  We will discuss weather at the beginning of the week to look at possible risk of bad weather.





Can we bring in our own decorations?

Yes – You may bring in your own table decorations only in the a la Carte package.

All inclusive decorations ;you can bring your guest book, memorial pictures, any small signs


What is included in the Upgrade Decorating option?

We will schedule a meeting to figure out your ideas and your taste. We will then set up another meeting to view 2 or 3 table looks for you to view based on how you want your look for you to approve. Upgrade decorating includes premium décor that is personalized for your reception. It may includes colored table linen, colored runner, our in house items listed as premium décor items. Also included is our in house staff setting up your decorations.


Do basic packages provide decorations?

No – Basic a la carte Reception only packages do not provide decorations, table cloths, or table linens. However, you may rent them if you would like to use them.


Can we leave everything in the barn until the next day?

No, our staff will help and assist in the allotted 30 minuet clean up time after your event to gather and load your items.







Do you have enough parking?
Yes – Parking has never been an issue. Guests park in the parking lot, behind the wine house, and along the roads by the venue, and along the west gate of the farmhouse.


Do you provide hay bales?
We can provide hay bales for a fee. All hay bales must be outside. No hay bales are allowed in the barn due to allergens.


Do you provide a microphone for the officiant of an outdoor wedding ceremony?

No – We do not provide a microphone, however, there is a plug-in available for that option. 

If you are using our D.J. in our all inclusive, he may be able to accommodate your needs.


Do we have to have all items removed from the Bridal Cottage?

Yes – All items must be removed after your rental time is over.


Policies: Please check out our policy page before attending.

Guest suggested Attire and helpful hints:

We suggest wearing flat shoes outside.  We are a barn grassy outdoor area so pending on the weather that week, it may be rain soaked grass you might need boots. Be careful of walking in grass with our natural habitat of the country!  Yes we have ruts, mole hills, weeds, bees and everything that goes with country.  If it is hot, you might want a umbrella, sunscreen,sunglasses.  If it is cold you might want a coat during the outdoor ceremony.  The barn itself has heating and air conditioning.

We do not allow outside purchased drinks.

We do not allow outside alcohol. 

Smoking is allowed 15" from entrances

No vaping inside

No pets inside

No tabs. Cash or debit or credit only

Drivers license only will be accepted for ID

We card everyone including bridal party

See all policies