Summer Breeze Barn Venue

1499 N 2170 St

Farina, IL 62838

(located in the old town of St. James, not Farina. Farina is postal assigned location only - not for GPS) 



1743 N 2100 St

St. Elmo, IL 62458

*Please send all mail to office address.*

Primary: 618-322-6330

Office: 618-829-3805



Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 4:00pm


Additional hours vary due to events, availability, and schedule.  Private appointment necessary.  

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Summer Breeze Policies

Please print and sign and email to continue to book your event!

For a printable copy of our policies click here.

2020 Note: We currently have our facility listed for sale and reserve the right to sale the venue to a new venue owner or owner. Your date once booked, cannot and will not be cancelled upon us selling the venue 8 month prior to your date.  The date is determined by date of contract signed and money paid.  Your pricing and package will not change with a new venue owner if we change hands under new management.  Your drink menu and policies however, may change.


Booking Policies

To have your event considered "booked" you must:

1.  Have a meeting with us and get approval for your event.

2.  Fill out and sign the contract & policies.

3.  Pay the required down payment.

4.  Agree to be invoiced to Pay the required $500.00 or

 $50.00 small events damage deposit or required amount (refundable see details).

5.  Show proof of insurance for “non-house” vendors if you are providing your own food.

6. If booking your own vendors, we will need a list of your personal vendors  along with their insurance certificate.

7.  Bridal Insurance** (apx $175.00) covers alcohol liability for guest if required by us. 

Upon completing all the steps above, we will add you to our calendar as "booked".


Broken engagements are still due in full.

We have reserved your date just for you. You are responsible to pay your contract in full and all remaining balances, even if you cancel your event. The only exception is death of bride or groom with death certificate in which the booking party or estate will be refunded their money back. In the event that you have a death in the family that forces you to have to postpone your event, we will allow you to reschedule your event. The rescheduled date must be a date we have available within one year from the original event date. The damage deposit will not be refunded and will be required again when re-booking.

**We require a million dollar bridal insurance with alcohol policy to book your wedding reception event at our facility. This typically runs anywhere from $100.00 to $175.00.  

The contract is for the clients (ex. bride and groom) listed on the contract only and cannot be sold or given away to another person(s) and/or exchanged for any other type of event.

Summer Breeze reserves the right to cancel your event due to:

  • Lack of payment(s) made by required date. The final payment is due 6 months before your wedding or event. If your event is booked 6 months or less before said date, all payments are due in full no later than one month prior from your event date.

  • Bad checks, bad credit

  • Lack of signed contract and/or policies page

  • Lack of insurance

  • Lack of paperwork from your vendors and/or proof of insurance

  • Act of war or terrorism beyond our control

  • Act of nature of God such as tornado, wind damage, fire.

The client is responsible for physical injuries or damages that occur to our staff, the facility, and property from your guest(s); this applies to injuries/damages related to the event.

Summer Breeze reserves the right to postpone or cancel the wedding in the event of a major act of God that would affect Summer Breeze venue, such as, but not limited to - tornadoes, fire, or damaging winds and acts of war or terrorism. Summer Breeze Wine House will refund all deposits, including the non-refundable deposit if a major act of God occurs causing damage to our building such as tornadoes, wind damage, hail damage only if non repairable by your event date. Acts of war/terrorism will not be refunded.

In the event that there is hazardous or dangerous weather, the owner has the right to direct everyone to take shelter at another location and/or direct guests, vendors, etc. to stop activities that may be an issue with the weather and for public safety. Event would resume after it deemed safe. We do not provide a generator for power outages during storms. We are not responsible for power outage damages beyond our control.

It is the client’s duty to ensure that all guests have departed by 10:30p.m.


Summer Breeze is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal decorations, cell phones, personal items of clients or guests before, during, or after your event. These items should be covered under your personal insurance policy.



Children Policies (please inform your guests)

  • Children are welcome at private events but must be accompanied by a legal guardian and must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • Adults and children cannot cross over the fence into our landscaping area at the fountain for any reason including pictures. This restriction also applies to the photographer. Damages will be billed to the client for landscaping/fountain damages. This water is dirty/dangerous and is not a place for children to play in. Please bring yard games for children.

  • Children will not be allowed to throw rocks from the fountain area.

Grounds Use Policies

  • The use of any ATV is prohibited on grounds.

  • The use of tractors and trailers are prohibited on grounds.

  • Vehicles are not allowed on the lawn or grass

  • The use of hay inside the barn is prohibited (unless purchased through Summer Breeze for premium decorating). However, hay bales may be rented for use for an additional fee at the fire pit area or for seating.

  • The ceremony area at the fountain will only remain open for 30 minutes after the ceremony for pictures for the bride and groom.


Decorating Policies for a la carte  

  • Table decorations only! 

  • We do not allow the use of additional lighting (our staff can put up extra lights for additional fee)

  • We do not allow hanging decorations

  • No nails, screws, stapling or tacking materials to any walls, posts, or doors.

  • No helium balloons

  • No glitter, confetti, shredded material, small beads, feathers, or rice inside or outside the facility (bird seed is acceptable outside, not inside)

  • Silk rose petals may be used for flower girl

  • No open-flamed candles/lanterns unless in a glass surrounding

  • Real Candles require a glass surrounding

  • All decorations must be removed prior to closing

  • We are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or left behind items

  • Our staff will assist in gathering up table décor

  • No Chinese floating lanterns are allowed inside or outside

  • Please unload your table décor at east side of the barn at south east side of barn only.

  • When setting up for your event on your own (if you have chosen an a la carte package; basic package), you must leave the venue as you found it. Tables and chairs must be returned to the assigned layout.

  • Cars are not allowed on concrete at north doors. No backing up to the doors.

Guest Policies​

  • It is your responsibility to share  our rules to your guests attending.

  • Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed inside the building.  We have a historical wooden barn and this is a fire hazard and a public safety issue.

  • Smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of all entrances. This is a state law.

  • We do not allow firework or Chinese floating lanterns due to fire hazard.

  • Sparklers are allowed only with permission. (May be denied due to " no burn" in county for dry  and dangerous weather

  • Animals are not allowed inside the venue unless it is a service dog with required papers.

  • Guests are prohibited inside landscaping area and fountain area that is fenced off.  Water is contaminated.

  • Alcohol not purchased at Summer Breeze is prohibited on our property from you or your guests and you will lose your deposit if outside alcohol is found. We are a bar and serve alcohol, soda, and water for your guest to purchase during open hours.

  • If a guest has a cooler that was brought on a party bus, limo, etc., we will have bar staff hold the item at the office until ready to leave. Otherwise, any outside alcohol will be confiscated and disposed of.

  • No alcohol shots are allowed at any time.

  • Guests must leave at 10:30 when event is over.

  • Summer Breeze reserves the right to close down the bar at any time from a threatening behavior from any guest for staff safety.

  • We are not responsible for vehicles left overnight.

  • Weather pending, vehicle unloading with extra tables, chairs, tents, hay, etc. or anything from your own vendors, will be required to unload at the road and carry in as to not cause damage to our grounds. If damage occurs to our grounds from vehicles you will lose your deposit.

  • No driving on our concrete patio at North by anyone.

Bridal Cottage Policies

Only when available otherwise a changing room only is provided at the barn.  

  • The use of the bridal cottage for our brides in our all inclusive package is from noon to 5 p.m.

  • Doors will be locked at 5 p.m.

  • Please remove all items before your ceremony begins for security reasons.

  • Food left behind will be disposed of.

  • Alcohol not purchased by Summer Breeze is prohibited in the Bridal Cottage.

  • We can provide alcohol for you at the bridal cottage.

  • If you have rented the cottage by the hour, you are required to leave tables and chairs as you found them.

  • If your event is being held at the bridal cottage, a $100 Damage deposit is required.

Alcohol polices

  • Not allowed, but not limited to the list below:

   · Alcohol not purchased through our venue
   · Alcohol as a gift not purchased through our venue
   · Alcohol as a favor not purchased through our venue
   · Alcohol as Jell-O shots or any other shots at any time
   · Alcohol brought in by a vendor
   · Sodas not purchased through our venue
   · Water not purchased through our venue
   · Styrofoam cups other than from the catering company
   · Alcohol as a decoration
   · Alcohol in a game

  • State of Illinois Law: All alcohol will be confiscated and disposed of that is not purchased at our venue.

  • If alcohol is given to the clients from a guest, we ask that it be left in the package. If gifts that consist of alcohol are given, we will hold them at the bar until the event ends.

  • No loitering in the parking lot. Parking lots are heavily monitored.

  • We have a security staff to help monitor prohibited areas of drinking and loitering.

  • Drinking is only allowed inside the barn or on the south lawn where seating is available.

  • Drinking is prohibited in the parking lot, out in the public street, or on the grounds outside of the permitted area.

  • No zip coolers, coolers, Styrofoam cups, or backpacks allowed anywhere on the grounds. If any of these items are found, they will be searched and may be confiscated and disposed of. If any of these items are brought into the facility, the item(s) listed can be held at the bar and will be available at the end of the evening at closing time.

  • There is NO TOLERANCE for underage drinking.

  • ANY minors drinking will be put to the attention of the host and/or proper authorities will be called. If a minor is with a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian and the minor will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Summer Breeze Wine House staff will pour all alcoholic beverages, even prepaid bar purchased choices.

  • Wine bottles purchased will be staff poured and kept at the bar, one glass per visit per adult.

  • Wine bottles purchased in prepaid tabs cannot be taken to the tables. No exceptions.

  • We will only serve guests who can produce valid identification. No exceptions.

  • We serve one drink per guest per visit.

  • We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to anyone.

  • The bar opens promptly at 4:30 p.m. and closes promptly at 9:30 p.m. The bar will be open for a maximum of 5 hours.

  • The bar closes at 9:30pm or 1 hour prior to your event ending, whichever comes first.

  • We do not permit tabs at weddings from guests.

  • We do not allow tabs to be increased at the event. Prepay only! No exceptions. All pre-paid tabs must be paid for one month prior to the event.

  • We do not allow taking double drinks during open bar package

  • we serve one drink per guest at a time

  • each guest is required to attain their own drink

  • we serve responsible

  • we do not serve intoxicated guest at anytime

  • we have the right to refuse alcohol to anyone we deem intoxicated


Vendor Policies


  • With all “basic” packages where you are bringing in your own vendors with food, music, bakery, decorators, etc., we require a copy of each vendor’s business insurance policy. If they do not have insurance because they are not a business, we require a copy of your personal Bridal Insurance Policy stating from your agent that the food and all of your vendors are covered under you bridal policy or a copy of your homeowner’s policy for your guests’ safety.

  • Summer Breeze Wine House, Inc. is not responsible for illness, injury, or death caused by vendors, clients, or customers due to the vendor’s or customer’s food, items, or equipment.

  • All-Inclusive Packages only: All-Inclusive packages cannot be changed and our vendors included in the package cannot be substituted with your own vendors. Additional in-house options may be added, but cannot be taken out.

  • If you are bringing in your own vendors and/or have not selected our All-Inclusive Package, you are required

  • Permission to use a tent/(s) is required at the time of your booking. Tent vendors need permission for vehicles driving onto our property and our staff is required to be there. Damages caused by the tent company will be added to your bill.

  • ​ All vendors are required to accept house rules and sign contract before arriving

  • All vendors must be approved by Summer Breeze before booking

  • All vendors must have insurance certificate sent to our office at time of booking

  • Vendors will not be served alcohol during event but are welcome to purchase soda and water

  • All private vendors must notify our office to get approval to set up BEFORE booking with the client


  • All wedding vendors and vendor equipment/supplies must be picked up and off Summer Breeze Wine House facilities by closing of the event. This excludes tent rentals, and portable toilets. These items need to be removed by the next business day during business hours.


Food and Food Vendor policies

  • We are a small wedding venue industry support system. Therefore, we accept vendors that are a legitimate and state-registered vendor and are in the bridal industry.

  • All food vendors need to bring food carts bring in their food from the designated South East parking area at the East side of the barn.

  • All food vendors are required to clean up guest plates for disposal after the dinner is served.

  • Trash will be disposed of by Summer Breeze.

  • All food vendors must bring their 5 gal buckets with  lid to dispose of liquid food such as gravy.   

  • Vendors must bring a large container with lid to dump all liquids such as dressings, gravy, drinks to take back with you. We do not allow dumping of liquids in our trash, sink, ditch, or roadway.

  • Food vendors are not allowed to use our sinks except for water. Vendors, please bring equipment to rinse/store your dirty receptacles.

  • Once food is removed from the van it needs to be parked in the area allotted.

  • Food vendors must have all certifications for public use.

  • All food vendors are required to stay during their visit with their food as guests eat

  • Cake vendors must set up a time when cake will be delivered since we will have to have staff available.

  • All vendors must set up a delivery time with our venue during our business hours and hours that are allotted in your event package.

  •  (We do not have paper ware, silverware, plastic, tin, or containers to use. We do not have a cleanup station, refrigeration, food storage area, ice machines, or a clean-up sink to dispose food or liquids. Please bring a 5 gallon bucket with a lid or similar to dispose of left over sauces, gravy's etc

  • Summer Breeze Wine House is not responsible for any damages or theft to the client’s vendor equipment left behind.

Music Vendor Policies

  • All-Inclusive events have a time frame set up by Summer Breeze and agreed to by the client. Please ask for a copy.

  • You are required to stick to Summer Breeze chosen time frame and cannot change the evening time line. All concerns on the timeline should be discussed with a member of our staff.

  • DJ and music Vendors must be pre approved be Summer Breeze. Please check with us BEFORE booking!

  • We support all DJs in the industry that are insured and a certified business. Please have your DJ provide us with a copy of their insurance and sign our policies page.

  • DJ is required to keep volume at acceptable level for Summer Breeze.

  • DJ Vendors must set up BEFORE event starts in order to not interrupt ceremony and guests. 

  • DJ will not be served alcohol during the event to keep a level of professionalism. 

  • DJ must stop promptly at close at 10:30 p.m.

  • Summer Breeze Wine House is not responsible for any damages or theft to the vendor equipment not removed..


Photography/video Policies (please

  • Please inquire with us before the event date about your allotted time frame for pictures: typically our clients use the following hour after the ceremony

  • We strictly keep on a one hour schedule for the “posed” pictures of the couple, family, etc. to make the evening run smooth.

  • Please provide your certificate of insurance to us. You may fax or email.

  • Photography vendors must be approved before booking your event.

  • Non-professional photographers must adhere to event policies and timeline.

  • We do not serve photographers alcohol to keep a level of professionalism standard.

  • Stepping over the fence into landscaping/water area in not allowed. 

  • Summer Breeze Wine House is not responsible for any damages or theft to the client’s vendor equipment.